Objectives of the College
The objectives of the College are as follows:

a. To provide facilities for learning and to give instruction and training in such branches of knowledge as the College may desire to foster and in doing so to enable students obtain the advantages of liberal education.
b. To provide courses of instruction and training to teacher education for either sex without distinction of race, tribe or creed, for the purpose of producing well qualified non graduate and graduate nursery, primary and secondary school teachers.

c. To conduct and promote research into the theory and practice of education in all its ramifications, and to disseminate results of such research to educational institutions and establishments in and outside the State through publications and other means.

d. To offer persons, who are in the opinion of the College, suitably qualified, willing and able to benefit from the facilities it offers, the opportunity of acquiring a professional training in education and related disciplines appropriate for a College of Education of the highest standing.

e. To produce high quality graduates that will be enabled to stream into the University sector effortlessly to acquire the Bachelor of Education degree or pursue other courses if desired.

f. To produce teachers with the intellectual and professional background adequate for the assignment that will adequately prepare them to adapt to the changing situation and environment of educational development in Nigeria.

g. To inculcate the spirit of self development through entrepreneurship so that graduates from the College will become job creators rather than job seekers.

h. To train manpower in the areas of need by both government and industry and to inculcate the spirit of self-development through entrepreneurship so that such graduates will become job creators rather than job seekers.

i. To arrange conferences, seminars, study groups, symposia and perform any other activities that will enhance effective teaching and learning.