Physical Structure
The entire complex of the phase one site is fenced to provide all round security both for students, teachers and the college community. Round the clock security personnel are provided. Students will also be taught and developed on the need to be security cautious always so that they are well prepared to work in any part of the country without fear.
Administraive Block
The College currently has a decent administrative block that comfortably accommodates the Provost, Registrar, Bursar and other administrative personnel of the College.

Classroom Block
The College currently has (8) lecture halls and 15 classrooms. They have been provided with comfortable seats to make learning and research worthwhile. There is abundant provision of modern toilets both for students, lecturers and administrative staff.

The need to have a well equipped modern library to facilitate learning and research cannot be over emphasized. To this effect the College has provided many bookshelves, reading tables and chairs to accommodate the envisaged number of students now while plans are in progress to provide bigger and more robust facilities.

Source of Water
Realising that portable water is essential for the use of residents and to sustain healthy environment both in the classrooms and the hostels, the College has provided (4) boreholes well connected to each other to provide all year round good potable water. In addition, there is a stand bye water tanker that can cater for emergencies and interruptions.

Sources of Power
Power Holding Company of Nigeria (PHCN) is the major supply to the College though there is provision of generating sets that can serve the classrooms and offices in the College.

Sporting Facilities
Offices and stalls have been allocated to the department of PHE. While sporting facilities are being developed to cater for the physical development of the students and those College communities. These include football, basketball, etc.

Utility Vehicles.
The College has water tanker, buses, and tractors for field work and training.
Residential Accomodation
16 blocks of 4 rooms each that will cater for at least 144 students are immediately available for the girls within the College precincts while blocks of flats are available for the boys in the town. There is adequate provision of accommodation within the town for all students.
Health Facility
Provision has been made for first line medical attention for all students and staff within the College. The town boasts of a hospital and a comprehensive medical centre that is being constructed and to be equipped by the Federal Government. There are several other medical centres in the town.